Victims of In-Custody Mob Lynchings
& Police Homicides in Indiana
* Indicates that police worn body camera footage was either not mandated or activated. Additional names are periodically being added to this list.

Black Men Hanged & Shot by a Lynch Mob while in Police Custody
Rockport, Indiana
December 1900

Black Man Shot & Hanged by a Lynch Mob while in Police Custody
Booneville, Indiana
December 1900

Black Teen Boys Hanged by a Lynch Mob while in Police Custody
Marion, Indiana
August 1930

Black Husband & College Athlete Shot by Police 
Bloomington, Indiana
September 1983

16-Year Old Black Boy Shot in the Head in the Back of a Police Patrol Car
Indianapolis, Indiana
September 1987

White Retired Law Enforcement Officer Shot by Police through the Front Door of His Home Indianapolis, Indiana
November 2018

Black Mother Suffocated by Police during a Mental Health Crisis at a Church
Indianapolis, Indiana
February 2019

Black Man Shot by Police Officer with Deactivated Body Camera South Bend, Indiana
June 2019

White Pregnant Mother Killed by a Police Patrol Car while Walking Along a Street
Indianapolis, Indiana
March 2020

Black Former Air Force Recruit Tasered and Fatally Shot by Police during a Traffic Stop
Indianapolis, Indiana
May 2020

Black Mother Died in Jail after Racial Abuse and Suspected Poisoning by Inmates and Neglect by Jail Staff Brownstown, Indiana
July 2021

White Man Suffering from Mental Health Crisis Died in Jail from Starvation after Almost Three Weeks in Solitary Confinement
Brownstown, Indiana
August 2021

Black Genius Musician Suffering from Mental Health Crisis Electrocuted and Suffocated by Six Police Officers
Indianapolis, Indiana
April 2022

Black Husband Suffering from Suicidal Episode Shot and Killed by Police Officers
South Bend, Indiana
July 2022